Cloud Portal

The WebHouse Cloud Portal’s Powerful Cloud Management Capabilities

In today’s digital economy, you are relying more than ever on IT while witnessing seismic shifts in how you buy and consume technology. With operational efficiency, agility and 24×7 connectedness front-of-mind, Cloud providers are making it easier for businesses to move into the Cloud without ever having to engage IT.

As IT simplicity and freedom becomes more necessary and available, so does your need to measure and optimize spending without impeding the speed of business.

Take Cloud Management to a New Level

The WebHouse Cloud Portal solves for common customer challenges with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), such as consolidated billing, visibility across spend, governance, and optimization.


Centralize Accounts into a Consolidated Billing Model

The Cloud Portal reduces Cloud account sprawl and simplifies billing and chargeback across both services and packaged subscription-based offerings by allowing you to:

  • Track all actual (not estimated) usage charges across every major product category
  • Take advantage of compute and storage volume tiers
  • Optimize costs with detailed analytics and intelligent recommendations

The Cloud Portal also lets us automatically map usage to invoices, automate billing notifications and leverage API integration to make the experience as seamless as possible.


Accurately Track and Map Usage and Charge-Back Costs

The Cloud Portal makes it easier for you to run your business and improve oversight and control of departmental spends in the cloud by allowing you to:

  • Monitor all associated cloud services usage through intuitive dashboards and customizable reports
  • Organize and track costs and profitability by product category and defined cost centers
  • More accurately assign and manage charge-back costs
  • Access granular usage details down to the hour and monitor and Report on associated usage history in familiar billing formats
  • Get a multi-tier view of relevant usage and cost information

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Manage consolidated Billing and Provisioning

Optimizing Cloud billing and provisioning processes is one of the most important factors in growing a successful cloud-based business.

With the Cloud Portal, you can:

  • Access built-in approval based workflows with custom templates
  • Simplify provisioning of new accounts and link existing accounts into one consolidated bill
  • Access a departmental level self-service portal for provisioning
  • View real-time reporting on usage and costs
  • Request permissions and functionality to link existing accounts or provision new ones.

Your portal even allows you to address concerns around management processes and governance requirements of your public cloud infrastructure.


Optimize Your Resources

Take advantage of detailed billing histories and analytics reporting, working from actual billing data and both current and historical demand to receive recommendations with greater accuracy. The analytics reports include:

  • Baseline of demand
  • Availability zone
  • Instance type
  • Instance size

With this much visibility into your cloud activity and infrastructure, you can optimize your efficiency, agility and cloud spend from top to bottom.