Alert Logic


Alert Logic delivers this new approach to security and compliance. Alert Logic’s cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions for hybrid IT infrastructure is designed to make it easy for any organization to purchase, deploy, and reach their security goals, all without in-house expertise. With no large capital investment, lengthy implementation, or heavy training requirement, Alert Logic’s Security-as-a-Service solutions are delivered via a simple pay-as-you-go subscription model—making it the easiest way for an organization to keep their proprietary data secure.


Unlike products that require organizations to implement complex software and hardware, add specialized security resources, and integrate and manage everything in-house, Alert Logic’s security and compliance solutions:

  • Protect on-premises, cloud, and hybrid datacenterswith a single solution
  • Assist organizations to meet compliance mandates without disrupting their normal business operations
  • Identify vulnerabilities across networks, systems, and applications
  • Defend web applications from attacks to ensure availability and prevent data loss
  • Analyze logs across the application stack to identify malicious or anomalistic behavior
  • Provide 24×7 monitoring by a team of certified security and compliance experts

With the Alert Logic solution, IT managers can meet the demands set by senior management to protect and maintain compliance across their IT environment without adding resources, budget, or complexity.


To deliver consistent, dependable security and compliance, a solution must include dynamic threat intelligence, real-time security content, a powerful analytics engine, and people capable of managing the solution. While some solutions deliver parts of these components, the Alert Logic solution is the only cloud-based solution that provides every component needed for an organization to achieve its security and compliance goals.


Alert Logic products are designed to protect networks, systems, and applications regardless of where they reside. Unlike other vendors who provide multiple products with individual user interfaces, Alert Logic products are integrated and make use of a single user interface. This integration makes it simple for customers to review their security and compliance posture anytime, anywhere.


Threat intelligence is the lifeblood of any security framework; however, uncovering this vital data is not a simple task. The Alert Logic® ActiveIntelligence™ team mines a variety of sources looking for indicators and information that will drive the creation of new security content to protect customers. This team is comprised of security experts who are well versed in the methods and tactics used by cyber criminals to penetrate networks, exploit application and system vulnerabilities, and exfiltrate sensitive data. With this specialized team working nonstop to identify threats and attacks, organizations are protected at a level that surpasses the capabilities of most internal IT teams. Intrusion detection that identifies and mitigates threats as they move across an organization’s network.


Threat intelligence alone will not protect an organization. Intelligence must be translated into actionable information. Alert Logic has a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is the creation of new security content that enables the Alert Logic platform to eliminate irrelevant security events and focus on those that warrant further investigation. When a breach or vulnerability is identified, these researchers spring into action, identifying the necessary signatures and related threat information that needs to be implemented to the Alert Logic customer base to protect their environment. With dedicated security content researchers, Alert Logic customer environments are protected from the latest threats all day, every day.


Alert Logic’s security and compliance experts are the backbone of the Alert Logic solution. These GIAC-certified analysts provide an organization with specialized skills and expertise that would be difficult to develop in-house. These experts provide organizations the ability to:

  • PROTECT WEB APPLICATIONS. Alert Logic Web Security Manager delivers a combination of signature-based protection
    and a learning engine that provides positive protection by understanding “normal” web application behavior and
    alerting on unusual activity. Experts in the Alert Logic Security Operations Center manage, tune and monitor Web
    Security Manager 24×7, 365 days a year to ensure your web applications and your business are protected.
    security experts provide 24×7 monitoring of network traffic looking for threats that could compromise data or impact
    system availability, while also assessing customers’ security and compliance posture through regular automated
    vulnerability scanning. By monitoring network traffic in real-time and automatically identifying incidents, Alert Logic
    security experts are able to alert organizations quickly when an attack is detected, as well as provide recommended
    remediation steps.
  • DETECT SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE ISSUES FROM LOG DATA. Certified security and compliance experts analyze log
    data to identify potential compliance issues as well as suspicious activity that may indicate a security risk.
    Organizations can reduce the costs associated with audit preparation, as well as gain deeper visibility into the activity
    occurring throughout their environments, by leveraging Alert Logic Log Manager to automate the collection,
    aggregation, and normalization of log data across cloud and on-premises environments.
    delivers the security results you want while taking the headaches out of security information and event management.
    Security experts maintain the solution, create correlation rules, manage threat intelligence content, and identify high
    priority issues from the Alert Logic Security Operations Center (SOC) allowing internal IT staff to focus on other
    business-critical projects.

Built for the cloud, Trusted by the cloud

Alert Logic partners with many of the largest cloud and hosting providers worldwide to provide security and compliance to their customers. Rather than building their own security solution, providers such as Rackspace, SunGard, NaviSite, and Datapipe incorporate the Alert Logic solution into their offering. The trust these hosting providers have in Alert Logic speaks to the quality, scalability, and performance provided by the Alert Logic solution.
In addition to hosting partners, Alert Logic is the leading provider of security and compliance products for the largest public and private cloud providers in the world. Whether workloads are deployed in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vCloud Air, IBM SoftLayer, or Rackspace, Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service is designed to provide consistent security and compliance across an organization’s entire environment. With over 3,000 customers worldwide, an organization choosing Alert Logic gains access to acloud-based solution built for cloud scale and flexibility.


Alert Logic® Threat Manager™

A network-based intrusion detection system and vulnerability scanning product that monitors network traffic around the clock
in order to identify known incidents, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Alert Logic® Log Manager™

A log management solution designed to collect, aggregate and normalize log data from any environment in order to meet
compliance mandates and identify security issues.

Alert Logic® Web Security Manager

A managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) that detects and protects applications from advanced web application attacks to
ensure uninterrupted availability.

Alert Logic® ActiveWatch™

A managed service that provides 24 X 7 monitoring of Alert Logic products, including a core team of security and compliance
experts that investigate security incidents identified by the Alert Logic® ActiveAnalytics™ platform, and work with each
impacted customer to provide recommendations for neutralizing the threat.

Alert Logic® LogReview

Daily event log monitoring and review designed to help meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance mandates; a team of
certified security analysts acts as an extension of your team to expertly review your log data daily and alert you whenever
suspicious activity or possible security breaches are detected.

Alert Logic® Cloud Defender™

All the individual products and the Alert Logic® ActiveWatch™ service can be purchased together in the Alert Logic® CloudDefender™ suite.