Storage As A Service


IT organizations are being asked to reduce costs while providing immediately available, agile, and reliable enterprise-grade storage. The historical model of evaluating potential vendors, buying, installing and maintaining disk arrays and then repeating the cycle every 3-5 years cannot easily support this goal. That is why Storage as a Service (STaaS) is emerging as the solution of choice for today’s enterprise storage requirements.
To address this growing market requirement, WebHouse has chosen Zadara Storage as its partner for enterprise storage-as-a-service solutions. The Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) uniquely offers enterprise-grade, elastic, high performance, pay-as-you-go storage via an Operational Expense (OpEx) model with cloud-based and hybrid configurations. This true STaaS model provides scalability, manageability, and economic benefits that customers lack in on-premise storage arrays. Using this elastic pricing model, businesses can save as much as 85% on their storage costs when compared to traditional storage methods.

OpEx vs. CapEx

Our customers have asked for scalable, cloud-based storage solutions that can be charged as a monthly operational expense (OpEx) as opposed to the traditional on-premise capital expense model that is reflected on the balance sheet. With a fully elastic and consumption-based cost structure, we can provide storage solutions that exceed the technical requirements of today’s enterprise, while providing a faster ROI and accounting flexibility.

On-Premise Solutions

While many enterprises are migrating to cloud-based storage solutions, organizations that manage sensitive data such as financial information or health records that cannot easily reside in a public cloud environment. Zadara solutions meet the unique needs of these organizations with on-premise, private cloud storage solutions. Zadara VPSA provides a fully managed solution while maintaining the consumption-based cost model that cloud-based options offer. On-premise solutions allow for a cost model that truly scales with a company with sensitive data storage needs.

Common Questions
How does STaaS differ from owning my own storage system?
  • With Storage as a Service (STaaS) you get all of the benefits of owning your own storage arrays and infrastructure, but instead of buying hardware, which usually includes unused capacity, you pay for only the storage you need, when you need it. It is truly elastic and on-demand, and can reside in the cloud with providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, or a premise-based solution as well.
Where does my Zadara VPSA reside, in the cloud or at my facility or co-location facility?
  • Zadara VPSA is flexible and can reside in the cloud, on your premise, with your co-location partner, or a hybrid version.
How does Zadara VPSA work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) if I am already using S3 storage?
  • Zadara VPSA solutions can be configured as a primary storage target. You can also back up to your S3 storage objects from your Zadara VPSA arrangements, allowing for extra redundancy. We recommend that you look at the potential benefits of configuring your Zadara VPSA as primary and your S3 as backup. Ask your WebHouse representative to tell you about the benefits of these environments.