Executive Staff

Dan Kerning

Dan was a Naval Flight Officer with 17 years of service. He ended his active duty tour as the Mission Commander in the first airplane mission into Operation Desert Storm. Later, at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the Pentagon, he helped found the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) which passed classified information throughout the world and is still active today. As a Navy Plank Owner and senior officer, he helped establish the first dedicated Naval counter-drug squadron (VAW-77) where flight crews patrolled the waters of the Caribbean in joint drug enforcement missions with the United States Coast Guard and other agencies searching for illegal aircraft and ships. During his 5 years working for Nassau County Department of Communications, he built the County’s wide area network (WAN), much of which is still used today. In 1997, he founded WebHouse, Inc., a company that has evolved into one of the Northeast’s largest technology resellers (NetApp, Cisco and VmWare) and hosting service providers.