Data Protection

Data Protection

The ability to protect your data and ensure business continuity is critical to company sustainability. With the right information, organizations can make intelligent decisions about the future; without it, productivity grinds to a halt. Lack of access to corporate information can cause major operational interruptions with potential economic impact due to lost revenue.

What happens if a natural or man-made disaster strikes tomorrow? How long would it take to get your organization back up and running? How much data might you lose? Could it be recovered? Knowing the answers to these questions is why it is so critical to develop a comprehensive data protection plan and availability strategy. There is peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe, secure and backed up in an offsite location and can be retrieved quickly when needed.

WebHouse offers comprehensive data protection services and availability solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. With nearly 19 years of experience, WebHouse has developed best practice methodologies to ensure IT business continuity—delivering the right information to the right person at the right time, even in the event of an unexpected disaster.

WebHouse’s areas of data protection and availability expertise include:

  • High availability clustering and geo-clustering
  • Data replication ( Both Physical and Virtual)
  • Continuous data protection – CDP
  • Enterprise backup design and implementation (D2D, Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, Office facilities, virtual tape, and traditional Tape)
  • Business resiliency
  • Point-in-time copies for local recovery
  • Best practices methodologies to ensure IT business continuity
  • Functionality Assessments



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