Data Storage

No portion of the IT infrastructure is more important to information efficiency than data storage. The data volume that companies must manage is increasing exponentially, making the need to optimize storage environments critical to the operational and financial health of the organization.

Information has become the most important and critical of business in today’s economy. This is why company’s data storage approach should reflect the importance of that information. By taking a strategic, comprehensive and consistent approach to data storage, you can increase access to information and streamline its management, while enabling the scalability to accommodate future growth. If done correctly, your data storage strategy can turn an expenditure into an asset that becomes a competitive advantage.

WebHouse is aligned with leaders in the data storage industry, providing storage architecture, optimization, and data protection solutions. We are particularly adept at designing data storage solutions that leverage data reduction and optimal placement technologies that make data storage more efficient and cost-effective. Our engineers and consultants work with you to design and implement enterprise data storage solutions that protect and provide access to business-critical data.

  • WebHouse’s areas of data storage expertise include:
  • Storage and storage network virtualization
  • Data deduplication and compression
  • Multiprotocol storage
  • Copy services and replication
  • Point in time snapshots
  • Storage tiering and automated data placement strategies
  • Converged storage network architecture
  • Storage network virtualization
  • Storage Solutions for Big Data

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