Unified Network

Unified Network

Network is the primary foundation of your IT infrastructure — the lifeblood of your entire business. As your servers and storage move toward virtualization, as your workforce becomes progressively mobile, and as the delivery of applications and services becomes critical to work performance, you need to be assured that your network can deliver.

This is why a strategic, standards-based approach to developing a unified networking solution is so important. Your network is the building block from which your entire operation begins. You want to protect your current and future investments with a networking solution that can meet today’s needs and accommodate tomorrow’s innovation, while controlling costs.padding-right:

WebHouse is leading the way of unified networking solution design and implementation. Using our proven efficiency strategies, we work with you to extend the clear benefits of a virtualized IT infrastructure to your networks — with a particular focus on converged network design and deployment.

WebHouse’s areas of unified networking expertise include:

  • Converged Ethernet architecture
  • Network and storage network virtualization
  • QOS / Performance Optimization
  • Top-of-rack and End-of-row network designs
  • Collapsed core and core-edge design evaluation
  • Blade server network design
  • Shared virtual I/O design
  • IPV6 Transition Planning Services
  • Network as a Service (NWaS)

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