It was not long ago that the technology, “virtualization” was very much a Tech Buzz word, much like many of the ones we use in today’s vernacular. Virtualization has always been a vague term that needed to be defined. Currently, more and more companies are embracing a “virtualize everything” strategy as a way to rapidly and cost effectively deploy the most current technologies and applications, while making information secure and available at all times.

Organizations are redeploying core services and applications in a virtual world and offering them to an increasingly global and mobile workforce — while, at the same time, reducing costs. It seems counter-intuitive to offer more flexibility, better services and greater support at less expense, but that is why “virtualization” has become standardized throughout the datacenter. Developing and optimizing a virtualization strategy today will enable you to leverage it as a competitive advantage in the future — delivering leading-edge services quickly and reliably.

As the world moves closer toward virtual offerings, the need to work with a technology partner that understands virtualization in all facets (x86, UNIX, Storage & Network) becomes critical to meeting business demands. For years we have planned and deployed virtualization solutions that reduce datacenter footprint, control costs and minimize administrative burdens.

WebHouse’s areas of virtualization expertise include:

  • Virtualization reference architectures
  • Virtualization platform selection and evaluation
  • Virtual desktop deployment — LINK TO VDI SITE
  • Application virtualization solutions
  • Capacity and performance management and forecasting
  • Workload optimization and QOS
  • Storage and storage network virtualization
  • Company-wide Mobility and BYOD initiatives


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