NetApp OnTap Cloud

NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS™

Extending enterprise storage services to the cloud

In today’s IT ecosystem, the cloud has become synonymous with flexibility and efficiency. When you deploy new services or run applications with varying usage needs, the cloud provides a level of flexibility in your infrastructure that allows you to pay for what you need, when you need it. With virtual machines, the cloud has become a go-to deployment model for applications with variable usage patterns that can be spun up or spun down on demand or have bursty cycles.

NetApp ONTAP Cloud

The NetApp ONTAP® Cloud storage software service delivers enterprise control, protection, and efficiency to your data with the flexibility of the cloud. ONTAP Cloud is a software-only data management service built on the NetApp ONTAP 9 storage operating system, providing you with a superior universal storage platform that addresses your cloud data needs. Having the same storage operating system in the cloud and on your premises brings you the value of a data fabric without having to train your IT staff in all new methods to manage your storage.

ONTAP Cloud provides a data storage solution that fits many different customer requirements. These requirements range from applications with limited data reliability requirements, such as development and test, to critical applications that require highly available non-disruptive operation, such as production business applications. ONTAP Cloud is deployed and managed from NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager as a software-only solution on Amazon EC2 compute instances managing Amazon EBS storage. This capability enables customers to build a virtual storage solution directly on Amazon resources.

Building your cloud storage environment on ONTAP Cloud provides enterprise-class features for your cloud storage. ONTAP allows you to provision both NAS and SAN storage for your application environment with CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI support. You also get zero-impact NetApp Snapshot® copies that provide near-instantaneous point-in-time backups of your data without Taking additional storage resources or affecting your application performance.

In addition, you minimize your storage footprint with efficiency features such as data deduplication and data compression that can act on your primary data. With the NetApp SnapManager® tool suite, you get application consistency with those Snapshot copies. On top of all the local storage features, ONTAP provides #1 storage replication NetApp SnapMirror® technology.
Cloud Manager
Cloud Manager is the deployment environment for ONTAP Cloud, and provides installation, resource assignment, and provisioning of data. Cloud Manager provides day-to-day management activities for your data fabric end points and can automate your data movement to and from AWS. Cloud Manager integrates with your cloud environment, allowing you to insert credentials that enable Cloud Manager to gather the resources you need to meet your storage requirements. With visibility into the resources consumed by each instance, Cloud Manager monitors and provides valuable feedback to the administrator about the cost of resources over time. This information helps you to decide when to move workloads to the most cost-efficient environment.

Consumption Model

On top of the features that ONTAP Cloud offers, the software provides two methods for consuming the storage: pay-as-you-go and subscription. Pay-as-you-go is purchased directly from your AWS account and is charged either on an hourly basis or annually. The subscription model is a license purchased from NetApp that follows the Amazon “bring-your-own-license,” or BYOL, model and is installed in your ONTAP Cloud instance. BYOL subscriptions can be purchased in six-month or annual increments.

For application needs that are short term and/or for environments that must spin up or down on demand, the hourly pay-as-you-go consumption model is appropriate. If your application is more deterministic and/or will be used for longer periods of time, the six-month or annual subscription might be better. There are multiple solutions within each consumption model that start at a single instance with 2TB capacity and range up to two-node high-availability environments with up to 368TB of capacity. For the pay-as-you-go offerings, the ONTAP Cloud capacity and feature inclusion depend on the AWS EC2 server instance chosen. Small server instances are matched with small capacity and the largest instances support the maximum capacity.