WebHouse has a long history and deep expertise in Datacenter technologies, solutions and environments, which enables us to provide unique insight and a holistic view to the table. Using our knowledge of data storage, server, networking and virtualization environments and how they interact and affect each other, our assessment services can help you understand the overall health of your IT environment, how closely it follows industry best-practices, and how to make improvements through WebHouse’s remediation services.

Our proficiency and experience has allowed WebHouse to help hundreds of organizations throughout the years to understand and optimize their IT environments.

WebHouse prides itself on not taking a “rip and replace” methodology to your infrastructure and IT environment, unless we discover that there is no other suitable approach. We look first to gather information on how that technology is being used to gain an understanding of the overall business impact.

Our Methodology is to:
  • Assess your IT environment to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and solutions in place.
  • Provide specific and thorough recommendations to improve that environment.


For more information about our assessment Services, please contact us.