Security Risk Assessments


Network Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identifies network security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Offers a snapshot of an organization’s network security posture
  • Provides a baseline for future network security initiatives

Network Penetration Test

  • Analyzes risk by exploiting identified security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Validates current network security posture and countermeasures
  • Validates risks associated with identified network vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Enterprise Threat Assessment
  • Analyzes an organization’s risk based on technical, physical and non-technical testing
  • Interviews critical resources to identify ongoing issues and future initiatives, and provides comprehensive understanding of organization’s security posture
  • Develops a prioritized remediation plan based on the analysis of an organization’s security risk

Wireless Security Assessment

  • Performs rogue access point detection and reviews device configurations for compliance with security mandates and industry regarded security based practices
  • Performs wireless (perimeter and internal) reviews to identify security risks associated with authorized access points and neighboring wireless networks

Social Engineering

  • Determines whether WebHouse Security can obtain access to corporate information or internal resources by attempting to bypass physical or socially enforced security controls
  • Provides a clear understanding of employees’ security awareness knowledge and policy adherence.

WebHouse Security/Risk Assessment Advantage:

  • Our employees have extensive experience performing assessments for organizations of all sizes in various industries and the Federal government
  • WebHouse Security focuses on both technical and business implications in order to make the most appropriate risk-based recommendations
Parallel testing
  • We do not rely on a single tool or technique; a multitude of commercial and open-source applications are used
  • we adapt our approach and methodology to meet your organization’s unique business requirements and do not use a “one size fits all” approach
  • WebHouse Security provides recommendations and roadmaps to strengthen your overall security program and security posture

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