VM Assessments


Achieving effective virtualization begins with a comprehensive

IT infrastructure assessment. This assessment service offers you a concise view of the specific consolidation opportunities within your existing physical IT infrastructure. WebHouse Solutions experts will assess your current server components to determine areas in which virtualization can help you save money and then work with you to develop a plan to implement that virtual infrastructure.

As a VMware® Premier Partner, WebHouse Engineers delivers complete capacity planning and performance-tuning services to assist you through the virtualization process.


Before undertaking a virtualization project, a strategic assessment like the one offered by WebHouse can provide significant benefits:

  • Estimate potential cost savings due to IT resource consolidation and optimization.
  • Leverage proven best practices and intellectual capital to help you make the appropriate investment to achieve your virtualization goals.
  • Demonstrate the competitive advantage virtualization can deliver to your organization, as well as improved efficiencies to your team.

WebHouse’s complete technical virtualization assessment ROI will be realized almost immediately. This assessment reviews your current physical server infrastructure, collects performance data, and provides virtualization guidance. This engagement takes approximately a half-day onsite to install the assessment tool, 30 days to collect data, and then an additional hour to review the results.


Your business and your IT resources work more efficiently when technology products and services are aligned with your business needs and opportunities. WebHouse, along with our industry-leading partners VMware, NetApp, Cisco, Dell, Nutanix, Simplivity, and Veeam, delivers intelligent, customized services that accelerate your virtualization journey enabling you to reduce costs, deliver high availability, and improve application performance. For more information and to schedule your assessment, contact us.


When you engage WebHouse to provide a virtualization assessment, you’ll get:

  • Up to 30 days of system performance data covering factors such as server utilization, server consolidation, application failover, application isolation, memory, network, storage, security and more.
  • A complete analysis of the collected data.
  • A report detailing your current IT environment and the impact of virtualization in terms of hardware, software, staffing and support costs, as well as quality of service and security. Also includes projected implementation costs.