NetApp Health Check

NetApp Health Check

This consultative service will enable you to optimize your use of NetApp Storage Infrastructure; let WebHouse – a NetApp Authorized Service and Professional Services Partner maximize your investment.

NetApp storage solutions offer a wealth of data management techniques to reduce operational overhead and improve storage efficiency. NetApp technology is continuously developed and best practices are often changed, but few organizations are making the most of these advances. Typically solutions implemented more than 6 months ago will see significant benefits including potential storage savings and reduced operating risk.

A NetApp (NCIE-SAN) qualified consultant will work with your team to understand your unique environment and provide guidance on the best practice for configuring and managing your NetApp systems. Drawing upon a wealth of proven experience the WebHouse consultant will review your NetApp infrastructure and provide detailed, actionable recommendations to optimize your NetApp infrastructure.


We will assess your NetApp infrastructure using NetApp software technologies to collect inventory, configuration, performance and usage data. This will include:

  • An interactive workshop to facilitate knowledge transfer on NetApp best practice and technological advances
  • Audit your NetApp storage solution – includes performance, capacity metrics and licensing information
  • Identify any areas in which you can optimize your configuration to improve performance and capacity utilization
  • Analysis of faults, investigation of any performance issues and review of support logs – issues identified will be prioritized for remedial action
Who Should Be Involved

Architects, Engineers, and administrators with experience of NetApp storage systems and management tools.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • WebHouse NetApp Certified: Consultant analyzes environment and processes, conducts workshop, transfers knowledge of best practices and makes recommendations for optimal performance
  • Customer IT Manager: Coordinates access to IT processes involving NetApp infrastructure
  • Customer Storage/Systems Administrator: Responsible for server hardware, storage and networking
Key Benefits
  • Optimize NetApp storage utilization and performance
  • Identify suitability to accommodate changes in business requirements
  • Maximize use of technology through optimization
  • Identify issues/faults, prioritize their significance and suggest resolution
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices

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