NetApp Jump Start

NetApp Jump Start


A new NetApp system provides the flexibility, efficiency, and scale required to grow and meet your changing business needs. Improper installation or misconfiguration of your new technology can cause your system to fail, wasting time, resources, and money. Getting it right requires careful planning, knowledge of best practices, and thorough testing prior to deploying the system in a production environment. Without expert help, you can experience downtime and miss out on many of the capabilities and benefits that your NetApp technology has to offer.
The goal of WebHouse System Installation Services is to turn over a high-performance NetApp storage system, appliance, or other technology so that it is ready to configure to your application requirements. In addition to installation, setup, and verification, we optimize your system so you can reap the benefits of a consistent, high-quality installation from the start while minimizing risk and shortening deployment time. Our service professionals will help eliminate headaches so your staff can stay focused on business-critical tasks.

The installation service is delivered in four phases:

  1. Planning. Our engineers perform a site preparation and installation review. We apply standard methodology and best practices while planning your system installation.
  2. Installation. We schedule and perform the installation during normal business hours. Applying NetApp best practices, our engineers install one or more systems in a standalone or high-availability (HA) configuration.
  3. Validation. To validate that your equipment is ready for use, we perform a minimal configuration and then test it to determine that read/write access is available for up to two collocated hosts. If you’ve purchased an HA model, we’ll also test and verify failover and failback capabilities. For clustered Data ONTAP® systems, the services also include installation of switches and cabling and node configuration.
  4. Dervice completion and information transfer. Finally, our service professionals transfer all necessary information to your team so you can continue to support and maintain the new system in your environment. Our goal is to provide you with a fully functional, working system that you can deploy into your data infrastructure either with your own resources or using NetApp Professional Services.



Preparation of the site and installation review
Installation of purchased products

  • NetApp cabinets (if applicable)
  • Storage controllers, shelves, and system hardware (if applicable)
  • Storage system I/O cards (if applicable)
  • Cluster interconnect switches (if applicable)

Connection of components:

  • Data cabling
  • Power
  • Network

Verification of all purchased licenses
Set up of the system

  • Load system management software: Create LUN and connect up to two hosts
  • Enable cluster failover (if clustered)
  • Configure alerts (if applicable)

Verification and testing of the system

  • Verify protocol and licensing
  • Perform basic tests on high-availability
  • Perform cluster-mode testing and operation

Enabling of AutoSupport™ Orientation

  • Provide customer with quick tour of the NetApp Support Site (NSS)
  • Perform system registration