The no compromise safety net for business-critical data in the cloud

The #1 Best-Selling NAS in the Cloud, SoftNAS® is the top-selling software-defined storage product in the storage and back-up category on AWS, the leading cloud platform provider.

7 reasons to consider SoftNAS Cloud for AWS:
  • Simply Powerful™—A powerful, full-featured NAS filer.
  • Non-stop Storage—Delivers 99.999% storage uptime SLA or money back guarantee.
  • Frictionless Experience™—Easy to try, buy and use.
  • Agile Storage Software—On-demand, where and when you need it.
  • Security on AWS—Most secure storage software on AWS.
  • Performance and Capacity—Performance-tuned to maximize IOPS and data throughput.
  • Open Architecture—Your data isn’t locked in, open source industry standards
Simply Powerful™
With a powerful feature set that simply works, SoftNAS protects business-critical data in the cloud to
ensure your business and applications are safe from downtime and data loss.
  • Unified SAN & NAS. Simultaneously enables storage of NFS and CIFS file sharing and blockbased iSCSI I/O.
  • SnapReplicate™ Replicate data anywhere you need it with efficient block replication.
  • SnapClones™ Create instant read/write snapshot clones of production data that do not occupy appreciable disk space.
  • Scheduled Snapshots Scheduled snapshots with automatic space reclamation.
  • Storage Pools Supports aggregation of storage devices, with scrubs and checksums to detect andcorrect errors.
  • Storage Volumes Thin provisioning optimizes the efficiency of storage space utilization and allows support for billions of files and directories.

Most Secure on AWS

SoftNAS builds upon Pure AWS storage infrastructure—EBS, S3, SSD—and runs within your AWS account. Data is always secure and totally under your control within your AWS VPC, never leaving the trusted AWS datacenter. HA for Private VPCs Private IPs for better VPC security in HA configurations. Active Directory Integration To authenticate Windows servers and users, ensuring data access is properly restricted to those who are authorized within the Windows domain. Large-scale Windows Filer with Active Directory Supports thousands of concurrent users with billions of files for enterprise-scale file server, VDI user file storage via CIFS/SMB 4 protocol. Large-scale NFS server supports thousands of NFS clients sharing billions of files, videos and other large-scale file server applications. Encryption Data is encrypted at rest and in flight for EBS volumes and S3 backed cloud disks. Identity & Access Management (IAM) IAM Roles make it easier to securely access AWS services from EC2 instances.

Open Architecture

SoftNAS is hardware and vendor-specific platform agnostic, so your data doesn’t get locked in. No vendor-specific platform using proprietarystorage, proprietary hardware or proprietary operating systems. Truly open architecture storage with proven technologies-ZFS, Linux, CentOS—that are industry standards. Broadest range of available cloud and premisebased platforms; SoftNAS is everywhere you want
to be: Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud®, VMware vSphere® and vCloud® Air™.