Simplify Migrations to AWS

To project future-state cloud costs, WebHouse Migration Assessments provides a clear baseline of what your organization is running today and projects cloud costs based on measured on-premises provisioning and utilization.

AWS Migration Evaluations

Creating a business case on your own can be a time-consuming process and does not always identify the most cost-effective options. A business case is the first step in your migration journey. With AWS Migration Evaluator, you can gain access to insights and accelerate decision-making for migration to AWS at no cost. Following data collection, you will quickly receive an assessment including a projected cost estimate and savings of running your on-premises workloads in the AWS Cloud.

After receiving your initial assessment, your organization can work with our team to create a directional business case if additional insights are needed. The team will capture your migration objective and use analytics to narrow down the migration patterns best suited to your business needs. Your organization gets access to AWS expertise, visibility into the costs associated with multiple migration strategies, and insights on how reusing existing software licensing reduces costs further. Results are captured in a transparent business case report to further align business and technology stakeholders, while providing a prescriptive next step in your migration journey.

  • Simplifies discovery - Migration Evaluator discovers on-premises instances that are overprovisioned, and suggests alternate AWS instances that meet or exceed those requirements at a lower cost.
  • Optimizes cloud planning - Easily identify which current Microsoft licenses can move to cloud and the cost comparison of Bring Your Own License (BYOL) vs License Included (LI) options.
  • Fast Tracks Migration - Migration Evaluator delivers assessments that have been proven to reduce costs by up to 50%.
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How it works

Beginning with on-premises inventory discovery, you can choose to upload exports from AWS Application Discovery Service, 3rd party tools or install a complimentary agentless collector to monitor Windows, Linux and SQL Server footprints. Our service analyzes your organization’s compute footprint, including server configuration, utilization, annual costs to operate, eligibility for bring-your-own-license, and hundreds of other parameters. It then statistically models utilization patterns, matching each workload with optimized placements in the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute and Amazon Elastic Block Store. Initially, it outputs a summary of the projected costs to re-host at AWS based on usage patterns, and the breakdown of costs by infrastructure and software licenses. If additional insights are requested, a business case is developed with a comparison of the current-state against multiple future-state configurations showing the flexibility of AWS.

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